The rare one

2020 lockdown

Update ❤️

Update on my rare disease since I last posted :

I've had food posiening, a flu bug which set me back a little so for the last 5 weeks I've had illness pain and laid up in bed but I'm keeping my head up and my mind busy. 

I'm now on the mend fingers crossed 🤞

Real life vs Instagram

Instagram vs real life

Instagram and other social media platforms try to portray what people want their life to look like.

Most of us want to look like we are perfect, good looking, and living our ‘best’ life.

Some people like to paint a picture that they live a perfect life with the perfect home, partner, job etc however we know this isn't true.

I feel that no one has the "perfect life". Things can be good and bad, things can go right and wrong. 

In life we can experience a number of different things such as breakups, loss of a loved one, grief, mental illness, a birth of a child, physical health can change, we can make life long friends and lose them but people don't want to share "real life" experiences on their page in fear of the being judged, laughed at and many other reasons, this is how my blog and page on Instagram is different to others. 

I share good things and bad things on my page because it happens in every day life unfortunately. 

This ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ thread online  drives that point home like none other – and made i feel so much better about my own not-so-perfect life.


Distraction from pain

To distract myself from pain I've been reading true to life stories and it has been helping to a certain extent. Wish me luck. 


19/9/2019 update on my health


I didn't get any sleep last night due to anxiety and bad pain, im also just getting over food poisoning but i will gey there. 

I have a few goals i need to achieve and this is only the beginning.. Watch this space👀

I have a rare disease called Eosinophilic gastroenteritis. I struggle but i won't let this illness define me. 

Hi 👋

Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first time blogging as you can probably tell. 

So im Tammy and im 34 years old and i live in Leicester in the uk. 🇬🇧

Alot has happened since I last updated my blog.. I've had my bladder operation and now it's 2020 we are in lockdown!